PC and Network Troubleshooting

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One of the most frustrating things in using the computers is network errors and issues. Common error issues when using the computer include inability to clear the DNS cache, inability to renew the IP address, inability to clear the ARP cache, and a slow internet connectivity in the execution of tasks.
In this regard, there are a number of measures that are utilized in PC and network troubleshooting. To start with, when you are restarting the computer, it is good to turn everything off, and then turn on the router, switches, and eventually the PC that is attached to the network in order to ensure network installation.
Run a firewall (there is no need whatsoever in running multiple firewalls). There are two main ways of running a firewall. You can either use a software firewall or you can use a single hardware firewall that is on the router.
If everything fails, consider computer network repair.
In conclusion, effective PC and network troubleshooting requires efficient data cabling and application of various troubleshooting measures.


PC And Network Troubleshooting