Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation
Camera Installation


Security camera installation plays a very critical role in both residential and industrial use. They are used as a source of the much needed evidence when a crime is committed. They are also used as a deterrence in order to prevent the occurrence of a crime. It is therefore worth investing in both the security shipment and the network cable installation therein.
A professional security camera installation entails setting up the surveillance system and making sure that coax cable installation is done right and that its working. It is important to assess if the cameras are adjusted, aimed, and focused properly. It is also good to ensure that the security infrastructure is safe from vandalism.
Network cable installation for home security camera needs requires that you at least meet the minimum requirements of an effective surveillance. The minimum standards for such are one to three cameras, DVR (digital video recorder), power cords, and appropriate wiring (siamese and BNC cables). The purchase of a surveillance set depends on the following categories: wired or wireless, indoor or outdoor, motion sensing, and remote viewing.
Security camera installation for organizations is more complex and involves increased use of major CCTV-digital video brands. It can be provided under the following categories: surveillance camera systems, digital video recorders, wireless & outdoor surveillance systems, and security & surveillance system monitors.
GTA Networking Solutions is licensed and very experienced in cabling and security cameras installation. We install analog and IP cameras all HD-s for any size of buildings. We are fully insured and have WSIB. We provide camera installations for residential, commercial and industrial level. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question(s). We look forward working for you. You can contact us at any time at (647) 808-8576 or email us at


Security Camera Installation

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