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GTA Networking Solutions is a reputable IT, Networking  and communications installer/maintenance company that is based in GTA Ontario. We have developed a rich specialty in the design and building of a solid network, IT and other communications infrastructures. These include cabling, network repair, network relocation,  voice/data cable installation, IT management, server management, cloud computing, CCTV,  coax and fibre cable installation, PA system installation/configuration and much more. We handle both large and small projects for both commercial and domestic applications.



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The greatest advantage on choosing GTA Networking Solutions services is that we are the best among our peers in the provision of communications services. This has come as a result of 15 years of accumulated experience on residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects. The utility of highly efficient technology has been our pride. For example, we believe that an increased bandwidth can drastically boost


the productivity of your home or business facility.
We provide a structured cabling system that ensures the right handling of data and information. These is through services such as fibre optic, category 5, category , category 7  ethernet connection, and 25/50/100 /500 pair cable installation. Such measures are meant to establish a strong IT infrastructure in order to meet and in deed surpass your business needs.
Clients who have sought our services have reported having an excellent service from us. They have not hesitated to give us referrals and they have come back as repeat customers. We are endowed with a highly skilled team of professionals who are well versed with the networks, IT and communications field more so the latest technology. It is not unusual for our staff to take refresher courses in order to enable them become more competent in their line of work.

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By using our services, all your network, IT and communications needs will be well taken care of. We recognize that different clients have different IT and communications needs. In this regard, we do not offer a one size fits all solution. Rather, we provide customized and tailor made services that takes care of the communications needs of each client at a time. Most importantly, we offer high quality yet cost effective IT, networking and communications solutions. Overall, our company will help you achieve effective delivery and distribution of business data, information and security. Should you need any of the products or services, or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at (647) 808-8576.

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